Paris is the most visited city in the world. And with good reason! The scene of several centuries of artistic masterpieces, from Dumas to Hemingway, from Verdi to Puccini, and from the Lumière Brothers to Godard, the "City of Light" still exudes an air of mystery, romance and sensual beauty that is omnipresent in daily French life and culture.

The exciting performing and visual arts scene is a vital part of today's Paris, where masterpieces from the past co-exist with an infinite variety of cutting edge contemporary presentations in music, dance, art and film. Lexia's unique Vocal Music Performance, Instrumental Music Performance, Photography and Film Programs immerse the participants in this vibrant creative arts atmosphere through both innovative professional training and the opportunity to experience life as an emerging young professional in a European capital where art is still considered a necessity.

As one of the three leading members of the European Union, France is an ideal place to study recent trends in politics, public policies, social evolution, and multiculturalism. The Area Studies and Culture program emphasises academic and field interactions with experts and professionals in these turbulent contemporary disciplines.


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"This semester, I have learned that I can go abroad and be independent. At first I was unsure about my language abilities, and how effective I would be in communicating with locals, but as I exercised my speaking skills, I grew to become more confident in myself and in my abilities."

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