Turkey is a country located astride two continents – Asia and Europe – and Istanbul is at the heart of that interaction. Here Christianity, Islam, ancient history, and modern technology meet and mix with a population of ten million. With a unique blend of Eastern and Western traditions, it has strong ties to Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. Its strategic significance within NATO and its proximity to the Eurozone exist alongside centuries of religious history and art. It is at once reminiscent of the cobblestone streets of Paris and the bazaars of Egypt. It is a perfect place to study the ways in which cultural borders can be entrenched and meaningful but also just as often crossed and redefined.


"The excursions were well planned and extremely interesting. By having three separate outings, we have been able to see various neighborhoods within the city. Our guide was very friendly, considerate, and informative. The excursions have been one of the strongest aspects of the program."

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