The Lexia in Havana Summer Photography program is designed to give students the visual and technical photography skills to produce their own body of work. With its colonial architecture, vibrant color palate, and welcoming people, the subjects to be photographed in Havana are endless. Coursework will involve photographing daily in and around Havana, increasing students' confidence behind the lens in both informal and formal settings. Students will be exposed to multiple high level professional photographers from around the world who will join the Lexia program for a week or two at a time to teach students their craft and area of specialty. 

No prior knowledge of Spanish is required. However, language is integrated into the photography program as a conversational workshop, encouraging students to become more immersed in the culture of Havana. Social encounters with Cuban artists, as well as organized field trips, all contribute to a greater understanding of Cuba.

Students' will be given various assignments, which will contribute to the final culmination of a cohesive portfolio of photographic work encompassing their experience in Havana and demonstrating an understanding of photography within the culture both visually and conceptually. 

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